InsightVM API for Cloud discovery connections (AWS, Others)

What is the current ETA to support AWS Asset Sync connections in the InsightVM API v3 GET discovery_connections (InsightVM API (v3))

The documentation suggests that this endpoint “Returns all discovery connections.” however today support confirmed that this documentation is incorrect, and it only returns the SONAR connection.

We have over 50 AWS accounts that we need to synchronize assets from. Without an API for this endpoint, it is difficult to track that all accounts are covered in the asset-sync connection.

My wishlist:

  1. GET details of AWS connection so I can compare the ARNs to existing lists of our account numbers in AWS
  2. PUT/POST details of AWS connection so I can keep the ARNs updated automatically when new accounts are created by our cloud admin team.

I would love to get some commitment to updating the API with this feature, or at least editing the API documentation to reflect the current limitation.


I second this ALL the way. Huge flaw in the way this is currently implemented.