InsightVM and ServiceNow integration creating duplicate tickets in ServiceNow

I have set up the InsightVM/ServiceNow integration and everything is working fine except when the Rapid7 agent reports back to InsightVM that the vulnerability is not remediated it opens a new duplicate ticket in ServiceNow with the following comment added to the ticket: The remediation related to this ticket has been reopened (1590777009791)

Rapid7 support says this is expected behavior, documentation says it should be added to the same ticket.
Is there a way to either turn automated commenting off or have the comment created in the existing ticket? TIA

The “Awaiting Verification” status setting had “In Progress” state setting causing tickets to always be created upon checking with the R7 agent because the vulnerability had not been remediated yet. Change the field to “Resolved” and “Closed” based on a post by Justin Prince and integration is working the way it should.