InsightVM [ Activation failed: Cannot activate at this time]

I'm having problem activate license InsightVM. Even the Security Console can connect directly to the Internet.

Which I have tested in various ways found that the system can connect to


002_update rapid7



Is this a brand new license on a brand new console? Keep in mind that you cannot re-use a license for a different console.

Thank you very much.

To remove 1 license from a server just uninstall it or is something rapid7 have to do it ?

I have rapid7 running in one server but i am moving to a different one and I have problem with the activation

If you’re trying to migrate your console from one server to another then you should ignore the licensing activation on the new console as it is all handled through the backup.

Follow the steps in this doc to run a backup on the old console, grab the cred.kspw and restore to the new console. Database Backup, Restore, and Data Retention | InsightVM Documentation

I am not doing a migration/backup, the first server was just for testing purposes and now we want it on different server and new setup.

Thanks in advance

if you applied the PROD license to a test server then you must either backup/rstore to the new server to continue using that license OR you will need to reach out to your CSM and have them reset the license.

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