Is there any one to help me with these issues !!!

1- I I have installed an InsightIDR collector on a virtual machine which is connected to my insight platform so i want to know if it is necessary to install an agent on the same virtual machine
2- i want to add my sophos xg firewall as event source to collect logs but the i dont see the advanced menu configuration in my InsightIDR plateform, i only see ''listen to network port ‘’ or ''log aggregator

need help

Good morning @tibrahim,

To answer your questions:

1 - Yes it is recommended you install the Rapid7 Agent on your Collector server as the collector.exe service does NOT come with the agent. The agent should be installed on all of your Collector servers.

2 - The “advanced menu configuration” from the screenshot of our documentation page was changed and still there, it’s “Specify the Active Directory Domain for multi-domain environments”:


IDR Sophos XG Event Source:

Helpful link:

Hello Stephen Davis,
Thanks for your help. I will try and get back to you.

Hello @tibrahim.

My pleasure, let me know how it goes.