InsightIDR Collector Linux Ubuntu IPv6 problem

I have installed my first collector on Ubuntu 18.04 (Azure), I am however running into trouble as the collector seems to only listen to IPv6 while I need IPv4. The screenshot bellow shows that the local Firewall is inactive and that the collector related processes are only listening on IPv6 thus ignoring the traffic I’m attempting to sent is over TCP IPv4:

Has anyone ran into similar trouble or does anyone have any clue on how to solve this issue? I have tried deploying a second collector, same OS and the same issue arises again.

Hey Ivo,

when you say it is ignoring the traffic you are sending, can you elaborate on that?

What traffic are you sending? I took at look at your collector configuration on the back end and I can see you have a functional Firewall Event source coming in over a TCP port.

Can you confirm if its working as expected now?


Hi David,

Thanks for your reply, it turns out to be a certificate problem. Apparently I can’t use the Rapid7 cert with Barracuda firewall directly… I am getting support from some of your colleagues through email.