InsightIDR Automation Workflow - Jira


Just want to get a second opinion on this.

I tried leveraging the InsightIDR free (I suppose) automation integration with Jira ticketing system. Just a basic one actually.
Reference: Create a ServiceNow or JIRA Ticket | InsightIDR Documentation

But I cannot seem to make this work, having a lot of issues like I need to consult my Jira administrator for credential issue and stuff which I don’t understand as I am the Jira administrator :sweat_smile:

Turns out that when I included InsightConnect as trial basis in my platform, all the issues I encounter above vanished and I have the automation working.

So in essence, for InsightIDR-Jira Ticketing, it does require an InsightConnect license for it work and it isnt free at all. Am I right on this or I missed something?

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