InsightConnect SFTP Connections / Plugin

Afternoon Everyone,

I’m trying to discern if InsightConnect (plugins) can handle an SFTP connection for file movements (only download required for now). The only plugin I see is “FTP” which does not look like it has this capability. I believe I could cobble something together with Python but I figured I would ask if anyone else has solved. similar challenge.

Thanks in advance

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Hey @ilee1! We currently do not have an SFTP plugin (or generic SFTP actions within another existing plugin). We do have the SMB plugin, which can be used to download files from an SMB server, as well as the NFS plugin for use with Linux/Unix systems.

There’s also an option in the FTP plugin under the connection setup that allows you to enable TLS encryption. Would this be an option in your case?

This is a good call out though, and I went ahead and filed a request for an SFTP plugin so our team can track this and look into it some more. :+1:

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Good Morning Holly. Thanks for following up. We specifically need SFTP. There’s the possibility we could use the existing FTP plugin but we’d need to be able to specify the port as well. There’s no field for that and anything I’ve tried with the Host field has not worked.

Is there any precedent for timing on a new plugin (like SFTP)? My guess is that it would take longer than we can go and may need to look into another solution.

Afternoon @holly_wilsey ! Figured I’d follow up on this for some rough timing on a possible SFTP plugin or possible changes to the FTP plugin to support more options. Thanks!