InsightConnect ServiceNow Trigger Incident Created not working right?

I’ve been trying out the ServiceNow plugin trigger capabilities to start a workflow when a new ServiceNow Incident ticket is created. I followed this site: ServiceNow | InsightConnect Documentation

The workflow is simple. It starts with a ServiceNow trigger when a new ServiceNow Incident ticket is created. The query the trigger is using is short_description=Newbug1, Frequency = 90. There’s another action step using ServiceNow plugin to Read Incident and then an Artifact step which just outputs sys_id and the number of the Incident ticket.

Out of all the ServiceNow queries from the link above (STARTSWITH, LIKE, NOTELIKE, =, ISEMPTY, ISNOTEMPTY), I’ve only seen the “=” query work. If I do short_descriptionSTARTSWITHNewbug1, it doesn’t trigger. If I do short_descriptionLIKENewbug1, it doesn’t trigger.

Has anyone else ran into this issue? I’ve had a ticket open with Support since 6/25/2021 that doesn’t seem to be making progress.