InsightConnect Plugin & Workflow Newsletter - May 10, 2021


:mailbox_with_mail: Updates :mailbox_with_mail:

Name Version Details
Cybereason 1.2.0 Add new action Quarantine File
Rapid7 InsightVM Console 4.9.1 Rename the plugin with "console" as there is a new cloud based plugin for InsightVM
Base64 1.1.6 Update to v4 Python plugin runtime
Proofpoint TAP 2.0.0 Add new actions Get Blocked Clicks, Get Permitted Clicks, Get Blocked Messages, Get Delivered Threats, Get All Threats, Get Top Clickers, URL Decode
HTTP Requests 5.0.0 Add ability for user to choose if the plugin should fail on standard HTTP error codes (4xx-5xx)
Microsoft SCCM 2.0.9 Fix issue where SCCM cannot find Site
Threat Crowd 3.0.3 Add PluginException for case 'Too many connections' response from server
Cisco Meraki 4.0.1 Send plugin name and version in the User-Agent string to vendor
Gmail 6.0.5 Fix issue where attachments in .txt were not returned