InsightConnect Plugin & Workflow Newsletter - March 29, 2021


:mailbox_with_mail: Updates :mailbox_with_mail:

Name Version Details
URL Encoder 1.0.2 Patch misspelled input variable retrieval
Rapid7 InsightVM 4.9.0 Add new size input to List Inactive Assets
Sed 2.0.3 Add action input and output examples to the documentation
Microsoft Teams 3.1.2 Fix issue where a name with a bracket could crash the plugin
PagerDuty 2.2.0 Added Schedule ID optional input to Get On Call action
Jira 6.0.6 Fix build issue
Palo Alto Firewall 6.1.1 Remove duplicate Troubleshooting section in documentation
Checkdmarc 2.1.4 Add skipping TLS to actions Check Domains and Check Domains Alternate Nameservers
Active Directory LDAP 5.2.0 New action Query Group Membership
HTTP Requests 4.0.2 Updated docs_url to HTTP Requests - Plugin Connection Guide
Team Cymru MHR 1.1.2 Fix error in when regex does not match returned data
Microsoft Office365 Email Security 2.3.0 Add Exchange Location to Email Compliance Search action
Microsoft Office 365 Email 5.0.1 Add shared EML library
Cisco Meraki 3.1.0 Add new action Get Network SSIDs


:tada: New Releases :tada:

Name Version Details
Open Tickets in ServiceNow for Newly Discovered Vulns 1.0.0 No release notes available
Close Tickets in ServiceNow for Newly Remediated Vulnerabilities 1.0.0 Initial workflow