InsightConnect Plugin & Workflow Newsletter - March 22, 2021


:tada: New Releases :tada:

Name Version Details
URL Encoder 1.0.0 Initial plugin
Cybereason 1.1.0 Add new action Isolate Machine

:mailbox_with_mail: Updates :mailbox_with_mail:

Name Version Details
ServiceNow 5.1.0 Add new Incident URL output for Create Incident action
WHOIS 3.0.3 Add PluginException in Domain and Address action when response is empty
SentinelOne 6.1.0 Add new actions Disable Agent and Enable Agent
Microsoft Office365 Email Security 2.2.7 Fix issue where connection test could use the wrong URI to authenticate which could cause false test results
VirusTotal 6.0.5 Update to v4 Python plugin runtime


:mailbox_with_mail: Updates :mailbox_with_mail:

Name Version Details
List All Inactive Assets with InsightVM from Slack 2.0.0 Leverage Parameters Feature