InsightConnect Plugin & Workflow Newsletter - March 15, 2021


:mailbox_with_mail: Updates :mailbox_with_mail:

Name Version Details
Rapid7 InsightIDR 3.1.0 Add new action Create Threat
Elasticsearch 2.0.5 Updated example inputs and outputs for all the actions
Duo Admin API 3.4.0 Add maxtime, applications, users, event_types, factors, groups, phone_numbers, reasons, results, registration_id, token_id, webauthnkey inputs in Get Logs action
HTTP Requests 4.0.1 Fix issue where the connection test fails when a base URL is provided with a web resource path for the Rapid7 Insight and Pendo auth types
Microsoft Office365 Email Security 2.2.6 Update to make error logging more visible in the Email Compliance Search action
VirusTotal 6.0.5 Update to v4 Python plugin runtime


:tada: New Releases :tada:

Name Version Details
Alert on Presence of 2021 Exchange Server Vulnerability with Slack 1.0.0 Initial workflow