InsightConnect Plugin & Workflow Newsletter - June 20, 2022


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Name Version Details
URL Encoder 1.0.2 Patch misspelled input variable retrieval
Rapid7 Insight Agent 1.0.4 Add new supported regions for API
Rapid7 InsightIDR 3.2.0 Add new actions Get A Saved Query and Get All Saved Queries 4.0.2 Fix error handling while submit URL which is in blacklist of URLScan API
IPStack 3.0.0 Updated time_zone field type to match current API version
Cortex v2 1.1.2 Update SDK runtime
Math 1.2.1 Update to v4 Python plugin runtime
Base64 1.1.6 Update to v4 Python plugin runtime
Proofpoint TAP 3.1.2 Fix invalid type for blacklisted in evidence_type custom output
ServiceNow 6.0.1 Fix base64 decoding in Put Incident Attachment action
String Operations 1.4.0 New action Replace
HashIt 2.0.4 Update to v4 Python plugin runtime
WHOIS 3.0.3 Add PluginException in Domain and Address action when response is empty
Microsoft Teams 3.2.0 Send Message Action is updated to support chat messages via chat_id parameter, team_name is set to optional.
Rapid7 Vulnerability & Exploit Database 2.1.1 Add 404 and 504 error handlers
DNS 2.0.0 Rename Dig plugin to DNS
AbuseIPDB 5.0.8 Set cloud_ready flag to false
HTML 1.2.2 Update to v4 Python plugin runtime
CSV 2.0.1 Fix bug with extra space character in JSON keys in To JSON action
Basename 1.1.0 Add missing title in action Basename
Microsoft Office 365 ATP Safe Links 1.1.2 Update to use the insightconnect-python-3-38-slim-plugin:4 Docker image
Active Directory LDAP 5.3.3 Fix issue with escaping brackets in Query action
Team Cymru MHR 2.0.0 Update to use new Team Cymru Malware Hash API at
VirusTotal 9.0.1 Fix issue with LookUp Hashes action
ExtractIt 3.0.3 Remove duplicate date formats from action inputs
Threat Crowd 3.0.3 Add PluginException for case 'Too many connections' response from server
Type Converter 1.8.1 input examples updated

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