InsightConnect Exchange Plugin - Custom Output

The Microsoft Exchange plugin has custom output for user Display Name, First Name, Last Name and ID. How do I add these to the Email Received trigger? Within the trigger, Configure Details, I do see a link in the Output section to Edit. I’ve added the “user” object under “email” object and added in the above 4 variable strings and that did not work. I removed them and then added the “user” object on it’s own and that did not work either. To test, I’m including the right json plus the email timestamp so I know I’ll get something (the timestamp), but not getting anything else.

Thank you in advanced for any help.

Hi Levi,

The “user” information such as Display Name, First Name, Last Name, and ID can be acquired by using the “Lookup Contact by Email” action. For input to that action, you can use the email address that is already built in to the trigger output. This may only work for emails inside of exchange.

As an aside, the “custom output type” means that some action or trigger produces output that has that type. For example, the Lookup Contact by Email action outputs the “user” type. However, “user” is a custom type that really refers to a Display Name, First Name, Last Name, and ID. Its just a convenient way of packaging all of that up into one.


Ah, that makes sense. Thank you!