InsightAgent | Changing default installation directory | Linux


Is anybody here managed to install an InsightAgent with customized installation directory/location in Linux Assets? May I know how did you do it?

I managed to do this in when installing in windows however for linux assets there seems to be no possible way to do this.

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It’s not recommended to install the agent in a custom location. Doing so can break some functionality as there are hardcoded paths in various services that interact with the agent. While technically you can install it in a custom location on Windows using the graphical installer, it’s not a good idea and will cause you problems in the long run.

Sorry I can’t be more help here, but do let us know if you have any further questions.

Hi Tony,

Thanks for the confirmation and giving out an information on this.

I actually tried editing the .sh file to reflect my intended destination directory and it seems kind of rejected in the communication side of things when running the installation. So I think it really is not allowed.

Anyway thanks again!