Insight VM Scan Engine - Agent Communication Flow

What are the communication / data flows between the InsightVM Scan Engine and Agent (on Asset)?

I assumed it’s unidirectional from the Scan Engine to the Agent, but couldn’t find a confirmation in R7 docs or forums. I did find docs indicating the agent collects data and does initiate communication to collectors - the agent can perform bi-directional (initiate/receive).

If available, please share the resource link with the answer.

Hi Lee! The Scan Engine will only communicate with the Agents on assets in the event that you have enabled complementary scanning as part of your configuration (more details can be found here) there’s a somewhat decent-ish diagram there that displays this. Otherwise, they’ll only encounter them when they are actually scanning the asset as they would any other software installed on the asset. The collectors will be a separate piece(s) of infrastructure deployed, in some environments, should you choose but not all customers will have these deployed.

Is there something else specific you’re hoping to answer that is ultimately driving you to ask this question to begin with? :slight_smile:

Okay, so in my simple terms. The Scanner to Asset is unidirectional in communication.

Thank you for the resource link. What is the port the scanner needs to communicate to the asset?