Insight VM get indicators +API

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Periodically we manually extract different indicators of vulnerabilities such as number of assets, % obsolete assets, total risk value, number of exploitable vulnerabilities… these indicators are filtered by a specific query or site / asset group.

There is any way to get them using the Insight VM API?

Thank you all!
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A lot of this can be pulled via API, the other option would be to use the data warehouse for reporting

I haven´t find it in the documentation.
Could you please shed some light on this to me?

Thanks in advance Brandon.

I would look through this InsightVM API (v3)

Yes, I´ve read it before, I deeply know the Insight IDR API, but with this InsightVM API I don´t see y the doc the way to get the “Dashboards” values :frowning:

Dashboards would be the Platform API not nexpose, I do not know the capabilities of that API.
That is the same for Remediation Projects and I’ve been hoping for an API for that as well.

Yes! there was a misunderstood, I want to get it from the Platform API, did not mentioned nexpose. Let’s hope Rapid7 go for both goals, thank you anyway!