Insight Connect Plugin Input

New to Insight Connect. Sorry If I’m missing something obvious here but how can I add an additional input for a plugin. The input is not in the predefined list of values I can populate.

Appears I just need to send “OwnerTeam” with a value in the payload but not sure how to add it?

“Incident((newsrv465D7A9ED3A94980AF4CB1A6AE642FF3)).UndefinedValidatedValue: ‘Users’ is not in the validation list of validated field Incident.OwnerTeam.”

Payload being sent:
“assignee”: “user1”,
“category”: “”,
“customer”: “”,
“description”: “Test Description”,
“impact”: “Medium”,
“source”: “AutoTicket”,
“status”: “Logged”,
“summary”: “Test Summary”,
“type”: “Failure”,
“urgency”: “Medium”