Insight Connect Chatops: Button to retry timed-out task (and stop editing old posts)

Using chatops with SentinelOne… Is there a way to stop the bot from editing the message it posted? Also, I noticed there is a way to retrigger a job from the console (Button that says “rerun this job”)… Is there a way to generate the URL that uses? Ideal workflow:

  1. SentinelOne finds something and Chatops asks for a response (Click here to isolate)
  2. Chatops times out (because I was taking a nap)
  3. <The message doesn’t change, the buttons just go away>
  4. The bot comments in thread, “Job timed out, click here to re-run”
  5. User is presented with a link they can click, which if they are logged in, will re-run the job

Hi @matt_domko_deprecated,

Unfortunately, there is no way to stop the bot from editing the message or to send a specific URL for the Job Rerun today but I can take these down as feature requests.

Based off what you are trying to accomplish I think we can get most of the way there.

In your workflow, after your timeout path you could add a Post Message ChatOps step to send the original details in the thread or as an entirely new message. In this message you could also include the Job URL so that the user could simply click that and be taken to the Job to then click on the Rerun Job button.

Another option there could be to put a Human Decision after the ChatOps step so rather than having to rerun the job you could simply make the decision in the InsightConnect UI.

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