Insight AppSec - how are others tracking SLAs?

hi Everyone,

Wanted to check how others are tracking SLAs for vulnerabilities found by Insight AppSec. In InsightVM I use the Goals and SLAs feature but this isn’t available in AppSec. The only way I can think of atm is to export the vulnerabilities into our ticketing system where SLA tracking is a feature but that would mean manually exporting them one by one as far as i know. Ideally, I want our developers to be able to go into InsightAppsec and see SLAs for the vulnerabilities they are responsible for remediating.

Appreciate any thoughts. Thanks!

You can use the RESTful API to export the vulnerabilities to your ITSM.

You can use an ASOC solution, like Synopsys’ Software Risk Manager, or Defect Dojo, that already have integration plugins.