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Do we have any smart way to re-verify the list of assets which doesn’t have Agents installed. Checking a manually is very hard. Hence, please suggest, if we have any smart way to verify the assets from excel sheet. Kindly reply ASAP. Thanks & Appreciate in Advance.

NOTE: Whether Insight AGents are running on the assets or not ?

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The simplest way to get a list of assets without the agent running on them would be through the query builder using this query:
Screen Shot 2022-07-26 at 11.53.39 AM

You could set this query up to export to a csv on a scheduled cadence if you wish or just re-run that query within the tool when you want to check.


Any way to find assets with duplicate agents running on them. After discovery how you I delete those duplicate agents…Thx

You shouldn’t be able to have duplicate agents.

Are you referring to duplicate assets listed in the Agent management page?

We have similar issues with multiple duplicates assets showing both in Agent management and console. So for we have been deleting it manually from the console. Is there any alternative to remove it from DCM?

When you say duplicate assets, is every piece of info the same or are there minor differences?

In the agent management page, the only time I’ve seen duplicate lines is when agent version changed. Typically speaking those old records just go stale and drop off after 30 days.

In the console however, depending on exactly what you’re seeing there could be a couple reasons for duplicate assets. If the assets are 1:1 matches of each other then it’s possible you don’t have asset linking enabled. Otherwise if you look at two asset pages and there are some minor differences then that may be why we have duplicate assets. Typically unauthenticated scans will give this but if the InsightAgent is on the machine the UID should be held with a heavy enough weight to not duplicate the asset.

Either way I think the best course of action would be to open a support ticket so a support rep can specifically look at your environment because this is not a generic issue and specific to you. Also we don’t want to share a ton of asset details in the discuss forums.

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