Insight Agent scan schedule

Hi There,

I want to check the Insight Agent scanning schedule and want to change as per my requirement.
Like I want the scanning to be done after every 6 hours.

From where I can check this and can change it.

Thanks ,

Been asking for this feature for the last 3 years. Unfortunately they still haven’t added it.

Thanks for your valuable feedback Jones

Hey iahmad,

So Jonesy is right there, we don’t explicitly have a way of setting collection schedules for the Agent. What we can do though is set specific times for collection via a blackout file, or increase the time between collections from 6 hours up to 24 hours.

If either of these options seem like they’d help with your use-case, please reach out to Support so we can get that organised for you :slight_smile: I’m also happy to discuss them here if you want some more info for your particular use-case.

Hi Keira,

Just to know, How isn´t this an avaliable feature? I don’t find an impediment to not allowing the agent to be forced to report if they are online

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So I’m afraid I don’t have any insight to that, it would be a question for the Product Managers for the Agent/Platform. I can see ongoing work for adding functionality somewhat in line with these, but I can’t give a kind of authoritative answer to that.

If they browse these forums they will likely weigh in here, but if not, might be best to work with your Customer Success Manager to see where we are with things like this. Sorry!