Insight Agent - Expected Behavior?

Hi all,

I am looking to have a better understanding with the expected workflow, or behaviors of the insight agent. I’m pretty well acquainted with how it operates for the most part.

However, I am running into a few headscratcher’s here and I am wondering if y’all might want to enlighten me on if this is expected behavior from an agent.

  • Dashboard cards for number of assets with an agent is showing assets with a last scan date of time, showing the asset as offline. Is this expected behavior because the asset only checks into the platform every hour and performs the data collection every 6th hour ?

-Second thing I have noticed is some assets have differing last scan dates in the on-prem ivm console versus what is showing up in the agent management

Example of this :

  • Asset in IVM onprem console shows a last scan date of 06/30/22. Meanwhile, the same asset when queried in the agent management lists the last scan or seen as today’s current date.

  • Last thing I want to reach out and ask other IVM customers is if you have seen any number of assets just stop checking into the platform after a certain day? I have a number of assets that stopped checking in after 5/30 i believe. I have went through some individual assets by restarting the services, but they’re still not checking in. I also performed the asset agent-import forcing a check in, but still no dice. If you have been in this situation - What did you do to resolve this ? or did you reinstall the agent on the asset?

Thanks for listening. Any advice is much appreciated.

Cheers .