Insight agent -diagnose flag removed, still mentioned in documentation

I was reading the documentation on how to diagnose issues with the insight agent. The documentation lists the command to run like this: ir_agent.exe -diagnose -region us-east-1 -proxy https://user:password@

So I copied and ran this command verbatim, and I get the following text back from running the command: flag provided but not defined: -diagnose

Can you update the documentaiton?

Hello and thank you for providing feedback on our documentation! Are you able to provide some additional information?

Please validate that the command prompt is running in the installation directory of the agent

C:\Program Files\Rapid7\Insight Agent\components\insight_agent\agent_version_number

The proxy command is only necessary when you are expecting the agent to communicate through a proxy. Can you try running the command below and let me know what your results are?

ir_agent.exe -diagnose -region us-east-1