Insight Agent creates very large files


We have the Rapid7 Insight Agent installed on all of our systems. Our colleagues have now noticed that the root disks are partially full because the InsightAgent creates the following files:


ls -ahlt 641541d9828cea877f5ea198847dc41d.stdout
-rw-r–r-- 1 root root 7.8G Dec 14 21:11 641541d9828cea877f5ea198847dc41d.stdout

“All” files from the respective server appear to be listed in the files.

Is there an explanation?

Best regards

Daniel Geismann

I just looked at one of my boxes that has the Agent installed and the largest file is 0.5MB

All files on the server appear to be listed in the file.
In our case there are 145,434,259 files on the server. That’s why I think the file is so big.

Can anyone confirm this? If this is “works as designed”, then it’s definitely not that well solved, because with a few million files on a second or third disk you always flood the root disk directly.

The problem was really caused by the large number of files on the Samba server. Rapid7 Support has now provided me with a json that excludes the affected directory, so the problem has been resolved.