Insight Agent API documentation?


There is a plugin for Insight Agent in InsightConnect but I couldn’t find any documentation on what API capabilities Insight Agents actually expose (or rather the Insight platform itself, as I understand the platform is the middle man). Is there any documentation of said API?


Hi Dawid,
Thanks for reaching out, below is some information that should give you a good understanding of the platform as well as the plugin details you are after.

Insight Connect Platform:
Insight Connect Platform information as well as some introductory videos and the concepts used.

Insight Agent Plugin:
You can find the documentation around the Insight Agent plugin and the actions.

Wayne Johnstone

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Hi @dtylman! What Wayne provided is definitely helpful for general info on the Insight Agent plugin capabilities. In terms of our Insight Agent API, we don’t have public documentation to share at the moment as the API remains in preview. If you’re interested to learn more about the API or join the preview, let me know and your Customer Success Manager will send you all the necessary info.

Hi Eugenia,

If you’re interested to learn more about the API or join the preview, let me know

That would be awesome, thank you.


@eugenia_barkova can you also provide me with access and documentation for the Insight Agent API? I tried through Support and CSM but that did not succeed.

Hi @SCO, sorry for such a late reply and that you weren’t successful in getting this information through Support/CSM. I’m sending you the documentation over now, hopefully that helps.