In case you missed it........LEQL Syntax Highlighting

Ever copy and paste existing queries into your query bar only for them to be invalid and you spend significant time trying to identify where the problem is? Syntax Highlighting can help with that:


Having different colors for each part of your query, “where”, or operators like “AND”, keywords, etc, really helps to ensure you’re correctly building your query or have correctly built your query much faster. Take a look at the above documentation and give it a go! From personal experience, this feature will remain enabled forever!! Feel free to drop a comment regarding any feedback, bugs, etc, etc!


Hi @SDavis! I love it, but regarding the copy and paste part: pasting into the query box is not working for me anymore using Firefox 97. However, It works with other browser Iam using.

I really love this feature becaus as you’ve said, now it’s way easier to understand the query, even more when it’s a massive one.

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@RHolzer There’s a bug with copying/pasting when using FireFox. A fix is currently in review so we should see this going out soon.

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Hey @RHolzer,

Thank you for the feedback! Looks like you “highlighted” a bug that is already in review for a fix! Thanks again!

Checked again and now Iam able to paste in Firefox 97. Thanks, this is great! :smiley:

this is very exciting! what took ya so long :sweat_smile:

Ha, we just wanted to make sure it was legit before release.