ICON Mobile App

An initiative that I have been working towards is not being tied to my desk or PC to do my job.
This is to improve Work/Life balance, but also allows me to respond to things faster (e.g. I’m out at dinner with my family and an alert comes in that needs addressed immediately, being able to quickly do what I need to from my phone so I can go back to eating and focusing on my family)

Most of this is being done by the use of ChatOpts and other like technologies.
I’ve tried to use ICON on my phone, but the layout is not usable, having a dedicated app that would allow me to see artifacts and make human decisions would greatly aid me in this journey.

Is there any plans on providing something like this and if not how can I suggest it be considered?


I jump on the train and say App for IDR Investigations as well please.

Maybe even consider a single Rapid7 Insight Platform-App so we can check/work on “mobile worthy” information/events while not in front of the computer.


I like @RHolzer idea of an ‘Insight App’ for those of us that have more than one product. If I can get even ‘High Level’ info on my phone, it definitely keeps me from being TOOO tied to my computer.


I’m all for a combined app being a customer of multiple products as well


I can’t give any definitive answers or timelines here, but I did want to say that this thread is on our team’s radar and it’s certainly something that we’re talking about. Having a mobile app or a mobile-friendly site makes a ton of sense for enabling folks in your role to not be tied to your PC.

In the context of InsightConnect, what types of actions do you think you’d most frequently be taking from your phone?

Human Decisions, and looking at Artifacts for that Decision

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I second this as a human decisions on mobile attempter as of recent. We’re migrating to Rapid7 from another MDR provider that had a MobileSOC solution that would provide us with simple TAPs in the app for quick actions with all the details right in the alerts within the app.