ICON & data viz options

could ICON take in csv data and pop out pretty visuals? curious

Sorry for the delay here. Can you talk a little more about your use case? InsightConnect does not have a built in ability to do this but I am wondering if it something that could be accomplished via integrating with some third party products.

Sure Tyler, it would be helpful to include visualization of data inside the workflows. A simple pandas library use case would probably work and I could test that myself using the Python module, but your expertise would be great.

How about something like this:

What you’re asking for is kind of a pet project of mine that I’ve been thinking about. I think we can use a standard plotting library as the backbone of a plugin. That plugin could pump out the graphs as image data that you could then include in an artifact using an image tag.

The issues with this approach are 1) It’d be difficult for the user (a LOT of inputs) 2) A LOT of data to pass around between plugins. 3) images in artifacts are not fun.
It’s an idea I’ve had for a while, I just need time to execute it. But the flow would be

  1. Get some array data
  2. Give the graph plugin that data, and info around how to display
  3. Create a nice artifact to show off your work.

You could then attach that to an email or whatever you’d like as your reporting tool, or just give a URL back to the job page to display the results.

It’s an idea…I don’t know if it’s what you’re asking for exactly though.