I want to list only unique assets present in environment Query builder

I want to see only unique assets present, but not able to find query to get the results.

Hi - what do you mean by unique assets? Every asset should be unique (i.e. no duplicates) and the default view in Query Builder lists all assets without requiring a query to be built. Do you have a use-case\example for the requirement?

Actually my query builder shows duplicate assets means i can see 4 entries for same IP/hostname. That is why total asset count increased to almost 5 times of actual assets.
My requirement is to list every IP/hostname once.

Is that happened due to multiple agent deployments on same asset & one agent is online & remaining are offline. But query builder shows all.

OK, I think you need to fix the source issue by removing the duplicates. Query Builder is just showing whats in the database so that needs to be fixed - it’s the old saying ‘garbage in = garbage out’

There are a few SQL queries here that might help. Search for the word duplicates to find various SQL queries to use in a SQL Export report insightvm-sql-queries/sql-query-export at master · rapid7/insightvm-sql-queries · GitHub

Alternatively just export the Query Builder assets page to CSV and use Excel conditional formatting to highlight duplicates. Then go through insightVM deleting the duplicates.

Also, there was a recent update that accidentally created a load of duplicates which was then resolved in a subsequent update - it might be worth checking with support if you have a large number of duplicates.

I think to avoid this in future you’ll want to make sure the new installations have the same UUID as the original: Agent Controls | Insight Agent Documentation

I have checked on insight platform duplication happens due to agent whenever reconnect generate another agent ID which created new asset. So single asset have multiple entries