I got an error from last 2 months but dont know how to resolve it

From last two month i got an error from one of the scan engine said that Failed (Scan failed to start on engine [ID: 109]: The scan failed to start because the engine is not responding. A InsightVM administrator may correct this failure by consulting the administrators guide.) but don’t know which guide they refer i gone through every page by page rapid7 guide… Can anyone help me how to resolve this issue.

Steps already performed:

already run a repair and build the scan engine 2-3 time.
already done the console to engine and engine to console pairing many times. but issue still persists.

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hello sounds like you need to dig into the logs and see what the issue is. once you start a scan and it fails you can download the log and look. recently I had an issue where my scan was failing and in the log I had found that my endpoint protection quarantined nmap.exe. once I resolved it took off just fine. tl;dr check your scan logs

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@pete_jacob is right, it’s a good idea to start digging into the logs so you can see specific error messages and pinpoint the exact issue. Here’s a good resource to get started with troubleshooting. It talks about the purpose of each log and how you can access them:


This particular section related to scan engines and viewing scan logs could be helpful in your situation.


If you’re not having any luck with troubleshooting, I’d recommend opening a case with Support. They can dive into your environment moreso than we can here on the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

thanks for your suggestion … but the what is mean by error ID 109(Scan failed to start on engine [ID: 109]: )