HTML Parser

I’m pulling an email from a vendor that I want ICON to automatically process. The email from the vendor is in HTML format and I cannot modify it. I currently have an xpath that I could use to get the values I’m looking for, but not sure the best way to do this in ICON. RegEx isn’t really an option because there isn’t a constant criteria that I’m looking for and even lookback or look ahead worked sometimes but is failing on others (actually I’m just getting an internal error on the parse step, so I’m not sure what is wrong because I don’t have access to those logs)

Any idea on how I can do this?

For parsing HTML I currently use the Python plugin with the beautifulsoup4 module. Maybe for your use case with xpath you could use the Python plugin with the lxml module.

I thought of that, I was hoping to stay away from custom scripts though.
That is what I will do if there is nothing native though