HTML or Rich Text for Gmail Plugin

Does Gmail plugin support HTML or Rich Text for the email message body?

Hi Team,

Any updates on this one?

Hey @bimodh_jo_mathew, apologies for the delay here. Our team was looking into this with the Gmail plugin, and I think the answer is that HTML is not supported in the message body. This is partially due to the data sanitization in the plugin itself, and partially due to how the Gmail API works.

The tl;dr is that the Gmail API does some conversion of plain text and HTML when it’s used in a message body that makes it difficult to construct a message exactly how you want. This article walks through some of these issues in more detail.

@holly_wilsey Thanks for the details.

Understood, this is a limitation on the GMAIL API Side.

However, is it possible to send it using smtplib module, or any smtp mail function to support HTML content?