How would you automate checking if an IPv4 is in a CIDR range?

I would love to hear your ideas on this.

Goal - check if example IP is in 200+ list of CIDR ranges (for example

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Hi Hayden - we do not currently have a plugin that can return output showing whether or not an IP address was within a specific CIDR range. It would be useful to have as a plugin, though!

For now your best bet would be to write a Python Script step to check for this. Python includes a library for IP address manipulation that can help with this :slight_smile:

how do import that mod into the python script action? didn’t work just now ‘import ipaddress’ or from ipaddress import ip_network, ip_address

It should work - is your import within the run function? It should look something like

def run(params={}):
  import ipaddress
  # Do something with ipaddress here

that was it…

now to check against a big list of ranges.

def run(params={}):
import ipaddress
an_address = ipaddress.ip_address(“”)
a_network = ipaddress.ip_network(‘’)

address_in_network = an_address in a_network
return {"output":str(address_in_network)}
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Is this how you would do it? I need to refactor this 4sure…

def run(params={}):
import ipaddress

networks = ["".... etc]
an_address = ipaddress.ip_address("{{["loop over ips"].[$item]}}")
s = set(networks)
trues = []
for n in s:
   if an_address in ipaddress.ip_network(n):
return {"output":trues}
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Hi Hayden -

That is very similar to how I would do it! Let us know how that ends up working for you!