How to SQL Query for Assets without Agents installed?

I am seeking a more robust way to find all assets without R7 Agent running. I’ve checked the Warehouse Schema and have not located an equivalent. While asset.agentKey is available in the Query Builder, I’m wanting to retrieve all of the tags in the resulting data to help slice the data for teams.

Thanks in advance for the help!

We actually had a question similar to this in this topic, although in that case it was looking for assets that do have the agent running.

What I believe you can do is join with the dim_asset_software table and the dim_software table, then use name in the software table to see if that particular asset has a row for the “Rapid7 Insight Agent.” If your asset doesn’t have a row for the Insight agent under asset software, then it shouldn’t have the agent installed.

@jharmon did you eer figure this out… i tried and still got same results. Ones with agents still attached i just need it clear of ones with agents.