How to run workflow from .csv file as trigger parameter?


I currently have a workflow called “Enrich File Hash with Microsoft Teams” which I further expanded to add looping so I can add more hashes instead of just 1.

What this workflow does is: It scans the given hash on VirusTotal using the API and generates a summary based on the output.

So I would write" !enrich-hash xyz zyx" on MS-Teams and it would try to scan “xyz” and “zyx” on virustotal.

Now my question is I have a .csv file on excel that has around 200 hashes and I want to be able to somehow append this .csv file as the trigger parameter like this “!enrich-hash hashes.csv”. What would I need to add to my workflow to make this work? I have been searching for a while but unfortunately no succes.

I would really appreciate some guidance.