How to perfom operation system upgrade without reinstallation of InsightVM/Nexpose

Dear Community,

At current moment we have installed InsightVM/Nexpose on Windows 2012 R2 which we want to upgrade to 2019.
Do we need to do some reconfiguration for InsightVM, reattach license or restore some services?

I don’t think you need to specifically do anything with InsightVM but it wouldn’t hurt to run a backup on the console before the upgrade just in case. In that matter, if something were to go wrong during the in place upgrade of the OS you could just uninstall/re-install using the backup and the creds.kspw.

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I did the same upgrade you describe, and it went fine. We ran into a few issues the month after so not sure if it was related to the upgrade or not. Run a scan after the upgrade and make sure Nexpose and InsightVM are communicating, and you can see results as scans run.

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