How to "fuzzy match" Global Artifact

Global Artifact appears to require exact match. Is there a way to do a fuzzy match?

e.g. I have a GA string array with the value “hello insightconnect”

In my workflow, I try I lookup the artifact with “insightconnect” but it fails. It only succeeds if I search “hello insightconnect”.

This behavior is a bit misleading since the search UI says “Global Artifact Contains”. Would also be cool if there was an option to grab all artifacts.

Screen Shot 2020-07-24 at 16.30.22

I have asked about this and was told that it isn’t possible yet, but is on the road map for future updates

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Good to know. Thanks :slight_smile:

The ability to do fuzzy match (regex) can help with several challenges that having this could simplify.

Can this get bumped up on the road map, please?.

Agreed. A crappy workout I found is creating a fake primary key column. Then doing the lookup on that fake key and searching in python.

We’re currently looking into this to see what it’d take to get this updated, both in terms of fuzzy matching and regex usage. I do agree that the “Global Artifact Contains” doesn’t make it super clear right now. I’ll let you know once I’ve got some more info.

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@erick_cheng @john_breen @brandon_mcclure for your use cases, what type of fuzzy matching do you think would be most helpful? Partial string matches? Regex? Something else?

I think Regex would be the most versatile and easiest to get expected results


Regex 100% of the time! :slight_smile:

I only asked about fuzzy because the UI says “Contains”

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@erick_cheng and @brandon_mcclure makes sense, thank you!

Erick, you also mentioned grabbing all artifacts. By that do you mean all entries in an artifact? Or pulling in more than one Global Artifact?

All entries in an artifact please, but that use-case would obviously be solved with regex :slight_smile:

Long time, no talk here :slightly_smiling_face:

I just wanted to drop a note that we did add in a fuzzy matching search option in our Look Up Helper for Global Artifacts!

Simply add a new look up step and select the contains option.


Nice! I can probably abuse that action to get a list of all Global Artifacts, right?

Just saw this today … #Nice