How to do a case-insensitive == comparison in InsightConnect decision step

I am trying to figure out how to compare hostnames derived from two different tools. One returns the hostname as lowercase and the other returns it as uppercase. If I try to test for == it obviously fails but I need to test for case-insensitive match. Testing for not equal is not feasible in this case. in other words, I need to be able to determine that is equal to Any help would be greatly appreciated.

{{Step}} =~ /(?i)[string]/
or if you are compairing the output of two outputs, I would do a “String Operations” step to lower or upper on both then, compare them

Thanks for the reply Brandon. I found the String Operations shortly after posting my question and it works great.

Thanks again!

Great, think of each Step as One action in code.

Rapid7 it might be cool to embed handlebars in the regex pattern.
{{[Step 1].[hostname]}} =~ /(?i) ^{{[Step 2].[output].[name]}}.*/