How do you setup a connection from ICON to IVM?

Should the plugin account be an Admin in IVM?

**note this was for subscribing to webhook events in IVM
Getting a 500 error following the setup instructions?

Which API key should we use a User Key or an Organization Key?

Hey @hayden_redd, are you talking about the InsightVM plugin connection details? Or something else?

I could not find the plugin. thanks

this was for the workflows where you subscribe to webhook events from IVM so I had not first setup a the plugin connection.

Ah, ok. This section of the helps docs may help a bit: Set Up an InsightVM Events Trigger | InsightConnect Documentation. You’ll need to use a User Key as mentioned here:

Make sure to use a User API Key!
InsightVM only allows users to subscribe to webhook events. If you try using an Organization API Key, your request will fail.

This can be used with the details provided when setting up the trigger for creating that initial webhook so InsightConnect gets the events published as triggers from InsightVM. Hope this helps!


of course… it was right there … thanks again

for the plugin:
Should the plugin account be an Admin in IVM?

The account used by the plugin doesn’t have to be an admin account; however, I do think the connection test for it tests an info endpoint that requires admin. What I would do is start with an account specific for InsigthConnect needs, give it admin when setting up the connection (and confirming the test), and then changing to custom permissions based on the actions you are performing. If just pulling data from say a site/asset group then you can restrict it and make it fairly granular.