How do I remove Plugins no longer in use

Doing some clean up, and we want to remove plugins that are not being used - too much cluter

I do not think this has ever been available, it would be nice though.

Hey @fausto_zambrano and @brandon_mcclure, we just released the capability to remove plugins from your environment! On the plugins page, select the three dots on the right hand side of a plugin card and then the trash bin to remove. Hope this helps!

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I don’t have that yet

@brandon_mcclure can you refresh the page or open a new page and try again please?

This is awesome, finally I could do a cleanup. Much appreciated!

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I see this for community plugins, but not for two custom POC plugins that I worked on a long time ago.
Both of these became official plugins and I switched to them, but cannot remove the old POC

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Thank you!!