How can I create an asset group for Linux Servers only

How can I create an asset group for Linux Servers only.

I don’t want this asset group to hold switches, routers and firewalls.

See attached screenshot.


Youre pretty much on the right track but basically the best way is to ensure you have accurate os fingerprinting. This can be achieved by either credentialed scans or having the insight agent present. With accurate fingerprinting you should be able to search for things like Ubuntu, CentOS, RHEL, etc etc. Instead of just linux.

Thank you John !! Will do.

I also opened a ticket with Rapid7 and they suggestedcreating tags that you can tag those assets with (such as a tag for firewalls called “Firewalls”). Once you created and applied the tags to those assets, you can then refine the asset filter to include:
Tag | Not Equal to | Firewalls

right, so to create the tags though you would have to do this exact same process. So creating a tags on OS would still be dependent on how accurate your fingerprinting is in your environment.