Hop aboard the new Leaderboard!

We have some fantastic folks here in the community who do so much to help others. Whether it’s answering questions, sharing a script, or even just starting a discussion around a particular feature and how to get the most out of it, all of that is knowledge that can benefit other security teams. And we’ve really been wanting to give some recognition (along with a big ol’ thanks) to those who share knowledge and ultimately give back to the community.

And so now, we’d like to unveil the brand new community Leaderboard!


The Leaderboard is intended to be our way of recognizing and rewarding folks who contribute here in our Discuss community. It has rankings for both Rapid7 team members and our wonderful community members, and you can see who’s in the lead across various product categories. Check it out and see if you’re at the top of the board!

If you want to climb the leaderboard rankings, stick around the forum and earn some XP by chatting with others. And if you happen to post a solution to someone’s question, you’ll earn a whole heap of XP (and my eternal gratitude :bowing_woman:).

We’re looking to add rewards to the Leaderboard in the near future - things like swag, gift cards, and more. So stick around the community and earn some rewards while you’re at it! :wave: