Honeypot Maintenance

Hello all,

I was wondering if the Honeypot instance is self-maintaining as in updating / upgrading the Ubuntu OS, or if periodic renewal of the instance is advised?

Thanks in advance!

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I was wondering the same, too bad no one responded to your question.

Same, I’ve deployed (3) now and will continue to do so. Good thing to know!

I don’t think the Honeypot is set to auto update. You also have no way of doing it manually either from what I remember as it’s essentially a black box.

Instead of going through the whole update process I would honestly recommend just blowing it away and standing up a new honeypot with the latest installer if you notice the version behind. Given that the system is so lightweight and has no local files or anything on it, it’s too easy to just spin up a new one.

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In that case, it would be convenient if somehow you could get a reminder if a new version of the HP is available for download and version history could be consulted.