Honeypot in VMware

Hi everyone,

My first post here on the forum.

I have a question about Rapid7 Deception technology.

Has anyone tried to implement Rapid7 Honeypot in Hyper V Virtualization instead of using it in VMware and is allowed to convert the file from ova to Hyper V format?

If yes, does it work properly?

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Kevin SH

Hi Kevin,

you should be able to convert the OVA into the format for Hyper V yes. It should work.


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I just did it yesterday and it works fine. First you will convert from ova to ovf then take the vmdk and convert it to vhdx. Google those terms and you will find the articles you need.


Hello everyone,

Sorry for the delayed response

I used a similar method:

  1. Open the honeypot.ova with Vmware Workstation.

  2. Convert honeypot.vmdk to honeypot.vmdx using an application hard disk converter.

  3. Create a VM in Hyper-V and choose the honeypot.vmdx as the virtual hard disk of the Virtual Machine.

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Correct me if I am wrong but this method does not work for Azure, correct?

I haven’t tried for Azure yet,

Did you try it and not work?