Home page (Overview and Security Operations Activity) dashboard export

Good afternoon. I’m a service manager and I’m trying to use Rapid7IDR to produce reports to my costumers:
I find all the dashboards on the home page very interesting, but I ran into some problems:

  • My reports are on a monthly basis and some of the indicators shown reflect the last 24h or the last 28 days
  • Still on the home page, I needed to be able to extract data from either the Overview menu or the Security Team Activity menu, but there is no way (except with printscreen that for some cases due to the size of the info it is not possible to extract everything) to do. I tried to create new dashboards (where it is already possible to generate reports), however I do not find in the platform libraries the indicators that are present on the Home page.

Any idea how to do it or if it is possible?

Many thanks.

Yes that would be a nice feature to have that recreated in a report. I have been printing to PDF, turn the page on Landscape and put the browser in full screen mode to get rid of extra stuff. Unfortunately that is not the best as some of the images are dynamic, but it lets me get most of the information I need in a format that can be easily inserted into a report.