Historical Remediation data By Each Month

Hi Team,

there is a Ask from my infra team to provide them New vulnerabilities and remediated vulnerabilities by months(from 1 Jan 2023 to 31st July 2023)
I tried the Card New vs Remediated vulnerability compare over time but that card take the last scan snapshot of every month. My scanning is weekly so in that card I missed the actual remediation.
Is there way so i can generate reports for New and remediated vulnerabilities

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@john_hartman appreciate you help in advance

@brandon_mcclure @john_hartman Let me know if you can help me with this. ThankYou.

I’m not sure of the tables, but I know that the database has information per vuln scan, you could probably generate a report from that.

Thanks for reply @brandon_mcclure this would be 24 weeks data as my scanning is weekly.
I was looking for a quick way to get numbers (new vs remediation). is there any SQL query that I can use to get these numbers scoping multiple sites? I know there is one New Vs Remediation on R7 SQL repository but there is lot data in that. Guide me if I can break this New Vs Remediation SQL query just to calculate for 1 Month data then may i can repeat it for different months.

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I’m sorry, I have not done this and I’m not as familiar with the SQL queries as others here

This is totally something I am struggling to obtain as well. The external remediations dashboard is pretty, but it does not allow for expansion into what was mitigated. Moreover, I am not able to find a report for remediations/mitigations by site. (this was easily available in Tenable.sc…)