Hide the item "ASSET TAGS" for others users

Hi community

Today I have a problem with the “ASSET TAGS” item, in this case, I can’t hide this item for other users and is crucial to see this tags, I’ve tried configured manage profile roles, but I don’t see this item or similar, so:

can anyone help me with this part ?
If it’s possible to do this?

thanks for you help, greetings =)

The only permission within the custom roles is whether or not a user can manage tags which would be the ability to add/delete/edit criteria, etc.

There is no catch all “hide all tags” option. You can limit what data users see by restricting them to specific Sites or Asset Groups though. So depending on if you’re only trying to hide specific tags, you can sort of accomplish that depending on the tag criteria if they’re chained to a site or asset group.

Other than that, you can “collapse” the Tags menu on the home page by default for the users before giving them access to the tool when creating users but that does not stop them from adding the panel back to the home screen OR being able to see what tags are applied through an Asset Detail page.