HIBP plugin

Ive just started to use this plugin, whilst its great and pulls back the breach, it doesnt pull back any information about the breach, so the users still have to manaully go and find out more about the breach

Is there anyway this can be updated?

@phil_pearce We will investigate and see if this data is available via the API.

Hey @phil_pearce, we investigated the APIs and we’re returning everything that they provide for this action. Though, we did find a small discrepancy in the Lookup Password action where the HIBP API returns a list of pwned passwords with the first 5 characters, where we don’t expose that and instead only return true or false whether a match was found.

Could you talk a little more about your use-case? Perhaps there’s another way we might think about this.


What Im trying to get at is when Ive tested this, the data returned for my email was lets say : Adobe

For example: In the {{[“HIBP_Lookup”].[breaches]}} for an email
All you get is

This is ok, but a user then says “so what, I need more information” like when it happened, what was taken etc. just giving the titles of the breaches is half the battle. The API can search on breaches too. so it would be good to be able to use the above information and loop on a breach search in hibp

That make sense?