Help Needed - Dashboard Library Feedback!

Good afternoon all,

As you may or may not be aware, we recently released the Dashboard Library inside IDR which enables you to add entire dashboards full of cards with just a few clicks instead of creating your own dashboard and adding cards individually. This can be hugely beneficial as it saves a lot of time. That being said we would love to hear from you regarding thoughts and ideas about future dashboards that can be added! Please take a look and use the “Open Preview Feedback” button in the top left of the screen and let us know what you would like to see rolled out in the future!!

Login to IDR, click Dashboards and Reports, and look to the far right for Dashboard Library:

Once in the Dashboard Library, take a look around and press the Open Preview Feedback and let us know what you would like to see or any other feedback you can think of:


For some cards it does not make sense to use bar charts - e.g.: cards with a lot of entries. In such cases some labels are either truncated or outright missing. Using table makes much more sense in such cases.

Other than that I reported a missing escape character. The template was quickly fixed by Rapid7 team.

I would love to see more report templates in the future - based around certain event sources and use cases.

Hey @Mf3o4P8CaMP8,

Appreciate the feedback and yes, attempting to pick a default visualization option for these queries can be rather difficult based on customer org sizes and/or amount of returned results. Having to edit the dashboard visualizations, post creation, to fit your specific results is something I am working on with the team. I really like your last statement " based around certain event sources and use cases", which just gave me a great idea. Again thanks for the feedback and keep it coming!

Yes that is perfectly understandable.

Another feature I would love to see is option to export/import dashboards. I can grab a perfect copy of dashboards configuration from response However there is no way to import dashboards.
Such option would allow creating templates, editing dashboards en masse, sharing dashboards between customers, dashboards configuration backup and auditing etc.
Now not every customer would have such use case, but I hope this is something that can be considered in the future.

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Oh yeah, the ability to import/export dashboards have always been on my radar, the ability is there in IOPs (analytic packs), just not IDR, which I hope will change soon! The sharing of dashboards would be pretty sweet as well, like with community threats, a community dashboard private or public sharing sense. I’ll run this down with the team and see what’s up. Thank you very much for the great feedback so far! Keep it coming!

Hey folks! Just letting you know additional dashboards have been released in the library:

  1. Palo Alto (3x Dashboards)
  2. CyberArk
  3. O365 Guest Account Activity
  4. Network Traffic Analysis (ENTA)
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